My trip to Sweden: Stockholm, Uppsala & Uppland 🇸🇪

Second hand shops, museums, lussekatter, KEX & kanelbullar.

I’ve visited Sweden a couple of weeks ago and spent some time with my friends there. It was so nice to reunite — I’ve been invited to my friend’s sister’s PhD graduation in biochemistry which was such a great event & party filled with smart, talented people, salmon & homemade Swedish beer. It was pretty much around -12C degrees throughout the week with heavy snowing.

I’ve been to Sweden many times before, but it’s always so nice to return.

On my way back home I got stuck in Stockholm for an extra day as my plane got diverted due to the heavy snowing in London and multiple airport closures.

This time I was based in Uppsala. Uppsala is home to Scandinavia’s largest cathedral and it’s around 45 miles north of the capital. I took a night train (well, that was an experience) from Stockholm Arlanda to Uppsala then we sort of moved around and visited Stockholm later in the week.

One of my favourite countries in the world.

💙 Tackkkkk, jag hade en fantastisk tid.

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