Easy Zero-Waste Swaps To Make This Winter

I’m back with some sustainability content. We should constantly be learning and growing when it comes to sustainability and personal articles about zero-waste swaps are one way to inspire people and set them off on their journey. Reducing your carbon footprint is important and should be everyone’s priority. How are we reducing it though — is up to us. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite swaps that you can make this winter. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you haven’t embarked on this journey already.

Reusable baking sheet: This is a new discovery for me in 2022 and I’m liking it — a lot. I’m trying to swap the endless rolls of baking paper for a reusable baking mat that will last the test of time. It is perfect for baking bread & those morning croissaints. I use it for all sorts of things and it makes so much more sense than using single used parchment paper. There is absolutely zero waste produced with this and it’s not only eco-friendly but also genuinely makes my life easier.

Ditch the bin bag:

Having little food waste or using very little plastic at home will make this one slightly easier. By far the single most eco-friendly bin bag alternative is to ditch them altogether. Yes, even the compostable or the biogradable ones. I’m currently experimenting with this by using various different bins without bags supplied by my local council. I have a smaller one inside my home which I’ve been mainly using for recycling only. This is a great motivator for me to produce less food waste and use refill only. No plastic packaging = less waste.

No more bottled water:

Drinking water that doesn’t cost the Earth. This one is a no-brainer — they reduce carbon footprint and seek to decrease the environmental impacts of landfills. I’m always keeping one on my bedside table & in my bag. Such an easy swap — perfect for travelling too. I’m still guilty of using paper takeaway coffee cups though when I’m out and about which I’m trying to reduce.

Kitchen products:

I have no single-use plastic products in my kitchen. I prefer these reusable bamboo cooking utensils, coconut sponges & bamboo brushes – they are durable, long-lasting and all made from recycled materials. I don’t own many of these, in fact — I only have a couple of these. No need to change them that regularly either – I usually just replace the head of the dish brushes and they are good to go again.

Refillable shampoo & shower gel:

I’ve been using these refill bottles and haven’t purchased a drugstore shower gel for nearly 12 months now. With that in mind, all you have to do is remember to take these with yourself when you go to a refill station.

Reusable bags for shopping:

Always carry a reusable bag. These reusable bags from Wholefoods are very handy — I love them. I have loads of these and they are ready by my entrance door when I head out to the stores. They can save you so much time & money when shopping. Say no to plastic bags and single use items.

Eco mattress:

Natural, non-toxic, organic, chemical-free — we hear these words every day, but do we know what they mean? It’s so easy to get lost amongst all the products that are available for us to choose from.

The king size eco mattress I own is made from recycled materials. At the end of its lifecycle it is also fully recyclable as well as providing you the same level of comfort what you need for a good night’s sleep. Instead of using animal bi-products and treated products as fillings, eco mattresses are made with environmentally friendly fillings and they are designed with its end of life in mind – supporting circularity. Mine is from John Lewis (Eco range) and I’ve chosen this primarily because it is very comfortable (firm!) and it gives me a peace of mind that it is designed for circularity.

Visit & support your local zero waste store:

I regularly visit my local zero waste store and bulk buy the raw produce. It’s a fun experience and it enables us to live a more zero waste lifestyle through removing plastic packaging and encouraging us to bring our own jars, bags and containers from home to fill and refill. Zero waste stores also supply locally grown and sourced products and have a healthier selection in general. Products are not sold individually wrapped and in plastic packaging – it makes a huge difference and I really encourage everyone to give this a go.


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