My Favourite Online Homeware & Interior Shops in the UK – 2022

Since I`m a homeowner I`m browsing —rather obsessively.

There is so much out there when it comes to interior design. With more time being spent at home, a lot of people find themselves looking for new ways in which they can elevate their living spaces — including myself.

Furnishing your first home can be quite a journey. You don’t have to be an interior designer to make your environment look great. Since I bought my first period property I`ve not only spent a lot of time renovating – but also looking for unique interior shops so that I can introduce individualism and uniqueness into my own space.

I try and support small businesses where I can – behind every small business there is a real person with a great story I find. It is a good way for us to help underrepresented businesses and founders thrive and build up some strength in an over-saturated market.

As much as I enjoy second hand furniture, I thought this time I’d like to share with you my favourite online homeware stores.


Wallpaper borders are back! If you are into the 80s 90s look and feel – you will not be able to resist these cute wallpaper borders from Ottoline.

These beautiful and delicate materials are the perfect way to add a decorative feature to your period home without having to wallpaper your entire room – you can easily place them above your picture rails, borders & doorways. I absolutely love the bold patterns – my personal favourite one is the scalloped wallpaper border in emerald green. They also sell very quirky frilled cushions and lampshades as well as regular wallpaper with stripes or tulips.

Layered Lounge:

I`ve accidentally bumped into this store on Instagram as I was hunting for some fireplace decoration for Christmas. They have beautiful tree and room decorations as well as a faux flower shop. Plenty to choose from. My favourites from them are the beautiful pearl and scalloped rustic plate sets, but they offer pretty much all-things-home-and-more on their website.

Every Story Ceramics:

I`ve recently discovered this beautiful small business on Instagram called Every Story Ceramics. They produce a collection of handmade ceramics and home fragrances including beautiful vases, dinnerware and mugs. They have also been featured in Country Living and The White Company which is no surprise to me at all as their company ethos and products are really truly special. – – My favourite item from them is the traditional egg box – made from flecked clay.

Matilda Goad:

Who doesn`t love Matilda Goad. Matilda Goad is also a one-stop destination for homewares but with a traditional twist. I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful linen cotton bath mat with the signature scalloped edge. – If you are into handwoven raffia, colours and unusual patterns, this one is for you.

Piglet in Bed:

Linen bedding mixed with rural Britain vibes. Founded in England, Piglet in Bed is the most gorgeous bedding company out there with high quality bed linen and a soft colour palette. I personally prefer linen bedding and sleepwear and I mainly invest in linen – whether that`s a pair of curtains or a new duvet cover. Linen is largely considered the strongest natural fibre in the world, they are super soft, durable and low maintenance. They use sustainably-sourced natural materials and although it comes with a higher price, it`s worth it on the long run.


How lucky we are here in Royal Leamington Spa. (For many reasons!) Berylune is my favourite home and lifestyle shop and we happen to have them here in Leamington Spa. They are a small independent store, selling a mixture of gifts, homewares & home goods. I own many things from them and I do pop into their shop on a regular basis to see what new goodies they have for the current season. For anyone outside of Warwickshire, they do have an online shop where you can order from:

Cologne & Cotton:

Another beautiful shop with beautiful products. My beautiful Russian Dolls are from Cologne & Cotton and I adore them. – They are known for producing some of the most beautiful textiles, decoration items and exclusive fragrances. Again, if you are into luxury bed linen and unique bedroom products this place is worth a visit.

Store locations: Cheltenham, Royal Leamington Spa, London: Fulham, Kensington & Marylebone


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