How To Create Your Own Dried Flower Autumn Wreath

Handmade wreaths have become an annual tradition in my household. I’m well aware it’s super early to be decorating for Christmas but these wreaths are more for decoration & gifts during the autumn/winter months. I’ve recently made this huge autumnal one for my entrance door and I have to say it turned out great.

Dried flowers have grown in popularity in recent years and it’s easy to see why. They are easy to handle and we can enjoy them much longer than regular blooms. They are definitely the perfect decoration — giving those cottage-like vibes. 🛖

Most dried flowers can be kept for years and they offer a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use fresh flowers.

I love working with my hands and working with flowers in general — I’ve always wanted to become a hobby florist. It is a way for me to stay connected to nature. Working with your hands is also a way of improving your mental health. It offers a sense of accomplishment for me.

What you’ll need

  • Dried flowers of varying looks & textures – ideally foraged or sourced locally. Mine was from Berylune – a local independent home shop in Royal Leamington Spa (
  • Florist wire & Wreath ring (regular or rattan)
  • Glue (glue gun)
  • Linen or silk ribbon
  • Florist scissors
  • Floristry tape
  • Dried eucalyptus
  • Dried oaks, berries, decoration of your choice

This year, I’ve gone for an earthy brown one with dried oak leaves – but it’s completely up to you what colour combination you choose. If you prefer to layer in some more colour than this one, you can just add some moss to it or use vibrant colours like yellows & greens.

  • Start by wrapping your dried flowers around your wreath ring
  • Use your florist wire & glue to secure them to the ring
  • Start layering on different dried flowers on top of each other as you go
  • Make sure everything you add is symmetrical on each side (otherwise it will be wonky)
  • Add and glue the bigger decoration items on top (little bells, pine cones, seasonal berries)
  • Make a bow on top out of satin or linen ribbons

I’ve also surprised my parents this year for their birthday and made them some eucalyptus ones.

Mama & Papa 🤎

Happy Autumn!


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