My Victorian Home Renovation Part 1.

Hej, this is a little glimpse into my daily life. After 9 years of living in the UK, I bought my first property last year aaaand – after what feels like a long few months my place is slowly becoming a home. If you’ve ever been to the UK you must know how popular period properties are around here and how hard it is to get on the so-called “property ladder”. I’ve been very busy with life and work (as cliché as it sounds, sorry guys) – but I’d like to get back on track with the home updates and share all things hygge. To do my period property a justice, I’ll document this journey from start to finish. Although I don’t think there is ever a finish to it.

I have really grown into home renovation over the last few months and I’m so grateful every day adding something (no matter how small) to my beautiful home – making it the cosiest place to be.

As soon as I’ve got the keys I didn’t waste one second hanging about and pretty much ripped everything apart. Luckily no major structural work had to be done, so I’ve started off with painting & fitting the new ceiling roses, but no new lights or fittings at this stage yet. Renovating a Victorian house is so rewarding but they don’t come without their difficulties. These places are also very sought after in yhe uK. My main difficulty were the kitchen, small courtyard garden and the original floorboards in the bedroom. The bathroom is quite old with old style fittings and needs some love, which I’ll get to later this year. My dream has already come through with having a beautiful roll top bath. There were no major work flagged as part of my survey, which means my place was structurally sound and in a fairly great condition.

This was definitely a plus, however I still have a long list to tackle:

  • Floorboard restoration in all rooms
  • Painting
  • Making it more eco-friendly
  • Kitchen re-design with wall tile changes and splashback removal
  • Changing radiators & heating
  • Create and maintain a gravel garden
  • Changing all light fittings
  • Bathroom wall tile repair and tile removal
  • Ripping out all cupboards and rebuilding them from scratch
  • Double glazing windows
  • French door installation (twice, actually)

Would you like to hear more about the process of purchasing in the UK? I know this a topic that a lot of people are curious about – in case you haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’d be happy to share some insights on how the process was for me, what to do and what not to do.

I’m not a DIY expert but home renovation have taught me a lot about myself. I’ve always known that I’m adaptable, but I’ve become even more adaptable and fearless during this process — I’m excited about what’s next, I’m not afraid asking questions about the more technical elements. Creativity & solving unforeseen problems are my best friends.

Our homes are key to our happiness and I definitely live by that.

Home renovation > everything else.

I’m sharing a few before and after pictures with you so you can see how things have progressed since. The floorboard restoration made the biggest difference alongside with re-painting all rooms.

I can barely recognise it compared to the old photos from when I was initially viewing it.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the design and aesthetic I would like to achieve in my home. This also helps me saving a lot of ideas that otherwise I might forget about.

Thank you for reading.

B 🌻

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