My Favourite Slow Living Magazines This Month

This article is about some carefully curated magazines you’ll buy once but use forever. The prints I will list out will help you explore ways to simplify your life, take you to some magical places, cultivate community whilst isolated and show you how to spend quality time with yourself.

At this very moment I miss traveling and I adore interior design. So lately I’m very much into reading my travel books. But sometimes I need a bit more or just something else, something different. Print really gets to me in a different way than screen viewing and digital content. On a quiet & snowy day like today I really like escaping to my quiet corner with my magazines. I love blogging and I love what the web provides us but don’t we all need some down time? The truth is, we all do. I’ve always LOVED print. I used to have all sorts of women’s magazine subscribtions from my early teenage years. (Vogue, Cosmo, Elle) I’m collecting home magazines.

As I got older my focus shifted slightly and I’ve dived into the world of home & interior design alongside with slow and mindful living.

There are some wonderul mindfulness magazines out there if you want to learn more about this topic and how to live a happier and healthier life away from your screen. You will not only find insight, information, and inspiration about your mind & body but also about relationships, work and meditation techniques that help you tackle anxiety and everyday stress.

I’m sitting in front of the computer most times so for me reading my magazines for an hour or two feels like such a luxury.

I don’t think anything is going to divert me from a physical print despite our growing digital world. I’m very selective, I tend to pick good quality ones and keep all my magazines for environmental purposes. I also have this habit of keep going back to certain issues with articles that never get old.

I also use them as decoration!

They almost act like a piece of art in my home.

There are no disruptions or pop up ads and I love the smell and weight and feel of a print.

My recommendations are magazines that are designed to improve your general wellbeing and guide you to a calmer and more relaxed you. I also have a couple of recommendations if you are into minimalism & interior design.

With beautiful typography and aesthetic, these magazine are also design objects celebrating the pleasure of reading and the calming luxury of simplicity.

  • Unplug: The Essential Digital Detox Plan – If you feel tired from being constantly connected, this magazine is designed for you. It gives you an opportunity to read about how to reset and achieve a healthy work-life balance off-screen. (Mindfulness)
  • The Simple Things: This lifestyle magazine is all about COZINESS. I love the variety of articles and the overall feel of it. (Lifestyle, Travel, Style, Food)
  • Suitcase: One of the most beautiful travel magazines I read. If you are adventurous like myself, you will adore this. It is not like any other ones really. They also have a nice little community on Instagram and they are very engaging too with their readers. #suitecasetravels (Travel)
  • Period Living: If you love period homes and you need a bit of an inspo like myself, please invest in this one. Charming pictures and a very great selection of home & interior items covering every price range £-£££. (Interior Design)
  • Simply Scandi: If you like Scandinavia but you are living outside of Scandinavia (boo!) this magazine will help you bring Scandi touches and ideas into your home wherever you live. You can read about Nordic brands and step into some lovely Scandi homes and get some seasonal scandiinspo. (Interior Design)

Eeek, can’t wait to read them all again.


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Slow Living Magazines This Month

  1. I love Simple Things, never seen Unplug before but sounds like something I’d enjoy reading so will try to track it down. Something I really appreciate about these types of magazines is that they’re not just full of ads like most glossy lifestyle mags, I went off reading magazines like Country Living when I realised that there were more ads than content and even the articles where trying to sell a lifestyle.


  2. I spend most of my time in front of a screen. Not very often but every now and then I’ll nip down the magazine aisle at the shops & pick something up – totally agree that it feels like a nice luxury. Feels relaxing getting on the sofa and slowly making my way through the pages.


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