6 Ways To Support Small Businesses

You can help our community from the comfort of your own home, even during the lockdown period. Over the past 9 months my days definitely have felt a lot emptier without saying hello to our neighbours or the people whom I buy my local coffee from down the street. This year has pretty much hit everyone – big or small – therefore whatever we can do to support our local communities and small businesses is extremely important. There are so many small businesses out there with outstanding brand ethics and ideas and they are all waiting to be discovered by us, conscious consumers. Let’s try and shop small.

Climate change is upon us. Natural resources are running low and our biodiversity is threatened however there is a lot we – consumers – can do to do our bit to save the planet and contribute to a greener future.

I’m very happy to be officially part of the Effortlessly Eco (www.effortlesslyeco.com) family – being a brand ambassador for a small UK business is such an honour for me. Representing their brand which shares the same values as I do alongside with them respecting and valuing my content and creations is what I call the best partnership. They also help like-minded people share their voices on their platform and blog which I think is a wonderful initiation from an online eco-shop. They are also plastic free which is something we should all pay more attention to when we purchase something online or in-store. As a brand for them the journey is about being responsible for hundreds of orders and packages and essentially how they are being made. Where would all that plastic go eventually? Either to landfill or in our oceans.

They have a great selection of vegan beauty and eco-friendly household products featuring conscious brands through their webshop.

My lavender pillow spray from Emily Arizona.

How can you support small businesses?

  • Share their products, engage with their posts and content
  • Recommend to friends and family
  • Leave a positive and honest review
  • Buy from them. Christmas is approaching, choose a small business to support instead of reaching for giant retailers this year
  • Sign up to their newsletters
  • Drop them a personal message and tell them why do you like and value what they do

Here’s a little inspiration for you in case you are still indecisive about what to get for your loved ones: I have a little discount code too which I’d like to share with you in case you find something in Effortlessly Eco’s webshop.

Discount code: SLOWLIVING10

My body scrubs are from Salt & Steam: I went for the French Press and Chai Latte one as I really enjoy a good coffee scrub and I absolutely love the smell of nutmeg so they seemed to be the best choice. Especially at this time of the year.

My organic face cloths are from Lani. They are soft, kind and reusable. This eco-swap will make such a difference in your skincare routine and reduce environmental impact massively.

I’d like to also introduce the best Vegan Hot Chocolate out there from the lovely brand called Pour – they are a wonderful brand based in Scotland and they really understand how to make a good hot chocolate. Vegan, creamy, local, organic, homemade packed with 100% natural ingredients.

Hopefully these products will inspire you and eventually help you towards a more sustainable lifestyle without having to forget how to have fun. Would you like to read an article about my top 10 favourite small businesses?


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