Botanical Facial Steams

I love pampering myself after a long and hard week.

If you are someone like me who loves organic and almost unusual beauty products and a good home spa experience with endless petals and herbs: you will LOVE this one. A year or so ago I’ve favorited an item from Wildfox Apothecary on my Giftry account (if you are not familiar with Giftry, definitely have a look) because the idea of botanical facial steams felt absolutely divine.

A couple of days ago I’ve received two very exciting parcels from one of my lovely girls. They not only made me so emotional but also extremely happy! Guess what? She has surprised me with some incredible flower and herb steams made by UK based small businesses.

I am so grateful for having such thoughtful friends like her. I must have mentioned it to her once but she remembered very well and now I can finally write a post about it. Happy days!

These blends have been designed to soothe, deep cleanse, purify and repair the skin. They are suitable for all skin types. Steam inhalation also works well as a home remedy for common cold or any upper respiratory infections.

Weekly facial steaming also helps to remove toxins from pores, clear sinuses and last but not least relax your mind and soul. Despite double cleansing and having an effective skincare routine I’m still struggling with enlarged clogged pores especially around my nose and T zone.

I will leave the product names below so you can check them out – they can be purchased from Etsy.

  • Moonseed Floral Facial Steam
  • Nourishing Facial Steam
  • Breathe Easy Facial Steam

How to use facial steams?

Adding hot water to this pretty mixture will release the healing properties of the concentrated herbs and petals. The steam from the hot water will open your pores, allowing your skin to breathe and receive all the benefits this blend offers.

Place 1-2 tablespoons of blend into a large bowl

Cover with 4 cups of boiling water

Place a towel over your head to capture and create steam

Inhale and take some deep breaths

Enjoy the gentle heat for 10-15 min as the flowers and herbs gently purify and cleanse your pores and relax your mood

I usually do this routine once a week or once in every fortnight, depending on my mood and schedule. These unique botanical facial steams with a gorgeous bouquet of handpicked flowers and herbs give me the perfect home spa experience. The quality of these products is undeniable. What’s also worth mentioning is the packaging and shipping method: obviously these particular products were gifted to me but I always opt for recycled content and green shipping. I highly value those businesses who pay attention to the immeasurable amounts of pollution across the globe created during shipping freight. There are many ways to lessen the environmental impact by using eco-friendly filling materials, recycled packaging and avoiding petroleum or fuel-based fillers.

Packaging: 100% Recyclable, reusable

Shipping: CO2 Neutral

Ingredients: 100% Natural

Which one is your favourite?


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