June Sustainable Favourites

We can absolutely still love shopping and adore beauty, homeware and fashion while being aware of the planet and our environment at the same time. I am going to share with you my favourite ecofriendly picks from this month. (more like from the last couple of months)

Good on You: Sustainable Fashion Tips Website and Mobile App

I have already written about this great website and app in my previous article about sustainable fashion. If you are interested in learning and expanding your knowledge about sustainability – or you just really want to start changing the way you shop, this app should be your go-to source of brand ratings and further educational articles on ethical and sustainable fashion. This app is an excellent resource as a start due to its scope with a lot of growing potential. Learning about sustainable fashion and its impact on our future is important. If nothing else, this will give you a bit of a heads up around the brands you are currently supporting and hopefully inspire you enough to discover new ones. It was definitely an eye opener for me and I enjoy reading their top lists besides checking up on how ethical brands are. Ever since I’ve discovered this app I am pretty much glued to it before I hit that ‘Complete payment’ button.

Beechmore Books Notebook: I needed a new journal and oh well… look what I found. Exceptional quality made from Eco-friendly materials, what’s not to love? It has a beautiful vegan leather cover which compliments the classic British design, not to mention the paper quality which is also great.


Sleep More Sustainably Bed linen – Duvet Set & Pillowcases: I have invested in some new pieces for our bedroom. These beautiful and incredibly soft pastel pillowcases contain 9 (!) recycled plastic bottles. Yes, you heard that right. They are machine washable and super soft with full traceability from start to finish. Buzzing to try them. If you want to read more about BCI Cotton, visit the following website: Better Cotton Initiative

Grow your own basil: This month I have finally become a proud mama. Happiness is.. I guess.. growing your own vegetables and herbs and eating them. Nothing beats picking your own products on a sunny day, it is honestly beyond rewarding. Along with saving money and being kind to the planet this little thing can easily be grown inside all year round and it is fairly low maintenance. Get growing today. My nursery looks pretty busy at the moment:

Tie sandals: This is a pair of surprisingly affordable and good quality vegan leather sandals. Vegan leather means no slaughterhouses or animal by-products and no animal labour, however the production methods are highly questionable and debated by a lot of people due to the potential chemicals produced. If you don’t want to wear leather or buying leather is against your philosophy then this might be a good alternative – Vegan leather can also be made from sustainable materials such as cork, certain fruit waste or recycled plastic.

Breathable mesh (fruit and vegetable) bags: These bags are my best friends and I carry them absolutely everywhere when it comes to food shopping. It’s better for the fruits, vegetables and the planet.

Net shopping string bag: I can’t recommend these string bags highly enough! They are so well-made, easily washable and convenient to keep in my bag or in the car. You shouldn’t feel awkward using them, they are becoming more and more popular as we are moving away from plastic which is great news. The best decision you can make is replace your paper and plastic bags for any shopping.

Learn to love ‘ugly’ fruits 💛

Sustainable Minimalists – Podcasts: I’m really into podcasts lately, I’ve been listening one around how to create an eco-friendly and minimalist home without splurging or spending unnecessarily. Different topics are being addressed each week and there are more and more podcasts coming out on Spotify if you are interested in this.

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