Slow Beauty: How To Become A Skincare Minimalist

Now, get a slice of the slow beauty pie.

Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. Taking some time out for yourself is not only part of a ‘slow beauty and skincare routine’, but also essential for your mental wellbeing. My main principles in my slow skincare concept are sustainability, quality and the ethics I value.

But how can you become a skincare minimalist without having to compromise on the results?

Beauty should always start with being kind to yourself not just to your skin on the surface.

Having a 15-20 steps skincare routine is considered to be normal these days. Ouch! Fast skincare is offering you the quick fix and an immense amount of products to choose from with always something new to spend on and throw away. Over-consumption is expected and continuously encouraged no matter where you go and the beauty industry is probably the biggest and best example of it all. Consumption choices can only be understood if we take the culture in which they are made into consideration which here in the UK is: inadvertently overloading.

I used to buy things purely because they have been given great reviews and have been advertised on all platforms without checking anything else about the product itself and how it’s sourced. I was doing it wrong. As I was part of the problem and I have been through it, I can proudly say that I have a solution for it. I am done with fast beauty and skincare – but this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy experimenting with new and upcoming skincare products – I’m just aiming to do it a bit more responsibly.

Slow skincare is focusing on the longterm fix with a unique approach to achieve healthy skin through giving the external and internal support our whole body needs. It is about considering what you are putting on your body and face – making sure they are good for you and kind for your environment. As our skin renews itself in every 28 days, it means you need to give at least this amount of time to see any new results from any products – slow skincare, or not. Patience is key.

I would describe my skincare routine simple yet satisfying. I currently have a 5 step routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise, serum, eye cream) which I am very comfortable with. These steps don’t substitute treating my whole body the right way during this routine inside and out. It is inevitable to my success and achieve the long-lasting effect I want with several anti-aging qualities. Generally, the steps I take to improve my overall wellness and emotional wellbeing are part of my slow skincare routine and for me this means the perfect balance. I use other bits every now and then (mask, etc.) but usually I like keeping things as simple as possible.

I support brands that are ethical and strictly cruelty-free which means a lot of reading and education prior to any purchase in my case. I am always open to discover new products and support smaller brands and businesses, however I don’t live by the ‘buy buy buy’ rule therefore I don’t overspend and let items sitting in my drawers for months without even looking at them.

In fact, I own a very small amount of skincare products.

I have collated my recommendations and some current favourites below, they are all 100% cruelty-free. There is no such thing as perfect product, but these are pretty close with the right intetion:

I use a lot of Aesop products, which I’m saving for a different post specifically on higher end cosmetics. I’d like to share some affordable alternatives in this post.

Cleanser, serum, moisturizer and eye cream: I love the Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser, it is my every day summer cleanser at the moment. They are a natural and clean skincare brand with products free of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. I also love Ole Henriksen’s Let’s Get Luminous™ Brightening Vitamin C Essentials Set – it is the perfect kit for my skin during the summer months. I always change my routine during the winter months and swap for something a bit more heavier to protect my skin in the colder weather.

Toners: I’m currently using the Pixi Glow Tonic (generally great ingredients and easy use, except the added perfume) and I try and use toners with glycolic acid in it due to my dry skin issues.

My hyaluronic acid serum is from The Ordinary. It is perfect for me even during the coldest months.

You can choose to cover up your skin with make up and surface solutions but my skincare philosophy would encourage you to do the opposite and find the root causes first by going that extra mile.

When it comes to slow skincare, you can also create some of the products yourself at home when it comes to masks or body care, which will not only give you a great amount of satisfaction but some confidence around how the ingredients are sourced. Clean and natural. Let me know if you would like to read about my favourite home made beauty products and recipes.

My slow skincare recipes

Never skip a step: Always remove your make up and cleanse your skin thoroughly. Never sleep in your make up. No matter what you buy and use for a high price if this step is not being considered as top priority. Invest in your skincare and do not expect instant or overnight results. 

Check the ingredients: Dive deeper into the list of ingredients rather than just buying something which has the words ‘clean’ and ‘organic’ written all over it. Water for example is not an organic ingredient.

Understand your skin type and find targeted treatments: I have dry and sensitive, but not dehydrated skin. There is a difference between having dry and dehydrated skin which requires different treatments. Finding the correct products without cutting corners will give you the peace of mind you need. Never impulse purchase the mainstream when it comes to skincare products. Take time to understand the ingredients and solutions your products are offering and make a responsible decision upon buying them.

Food and supplements: Eat beautiful and consume nourishing food. Take supplements smartly in addition and definitely ask for a professional’s opinion if required. Vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances could cause all sorts of skin breakouts. I am on a heavily plant-based diet which means most of my vitamin and mineral needs are coming from the food I eat directly. I start each day with warm lemon water which is my digestion aid and I take multivitamins with zinc, curcumin supplements with added piperine for better absorption and Vitamin D during the colder seasons on the side.

Detox with exercise: Boost your circulation and keep your blood pumping with daily exercise. Workouts greatly promote collagen production and new skin cell forms which is what will keep your skin looking glowy and radiant. Don’t rely solely on a glowing mist or a highlighter – it won’t solve the problem. Bikram yoga is also a fabulous exercise which your skin will thank you.

Leave some beauty treatments to the professionals: Using a gua sha or a face roller at home is perfectly safe and beneficial. Micro-needling at home however with a basic tool purchased from an online store can be damaging and not advised without any professional help in my opinion.

Reduce stress hormones: Watch your thoughts and never ignore the emotional state you are in. Stress releases cortisol, which can throw off your hormones leaving you with visible and stubborn skin problems and breakouts on your body and face. If you have oily skin this could be particularly important as stress could cause an increased production of oil which could clog your hair follicles which could lead to acne and acne bacteria on your face.

Hydrate your body: Drink plenty of water. Every-single-day.

You can still purchase new products, but the key to the real radiance is learning to take care of your mind and body in addition to sticking to your staples long enough to generate real results.

Simplifying your beauty regime is the best thing you can do for yourself.

It is sustainable, responsible and rewarding.


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