The Benefits Of Riding Your Bike: Sustainable Travel

Why do I love riding my bike? Because I think it a smart travel choice which is aligned with the things I value, respect and love: my mental and physical health, my environment and the planet. This activity helps me to strip back on unnecessary distractions and reduce my ecological footprint.

Living consciously for me is all about taking that positive control over my life, supporting my beliefs and what is important for me with my decisions instead of drifting. I’ve been inspired and influenced in my personal life to start cycling more and it was the best change that has ever happened to me. Cycling helps me maintaining a positive emotional state and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Commute: For some, this sounds like a negative event associated with wasted time and a real chore. Not for me. I feel so lucky about this one. Cycling to work is such a luxury for me and I enjoy every second of it which usually makes the time fly. It keeps me engaged with my environment and feels like a treat each morning and afternoon. I love having this short commute and exercise each day before my usually very busy day kicks off – it clears my mind and my body feels great afterwards. Leave your car behind when you can and ride instead.

Environmental benefits: Cycling emits no greenhouse gases, it helps to reduce noise pollution whilst eliminating potential congestion and road accidents. It is saving you money and benefiting your overall health and well-being. They don’t cause as much wear and tear on the roads either and consume no fossil fuel.

Appreciation of your surroundings: Nature has my full attention when I’m on the bike. For a lot of people it is a rare occasion, but I make this one as a priority in my life. Muting all distractions each day for a short period of time makes me far more productive – whether I’m cycling through small cobbled lanes or the countryside.

Fitness: Cycling is pure joy even without having any gears on your bike – I feel satisfied and proud after every ride because I know I have done something great for myself and pushed myself to improve even further. It is the most physically liberating form of activity I do besides my usual workout routine which only requires a yoga mat and some weights. Due to our regular sessions, my performance on the bike improves fairly quickly which is giving me a great deal of self-confidence and the results are visible on my body and strength too.

Social elements: The social aspect of cycling is an interesting topic. Personally, I feel empowered by seeing a lot of cyclists around me making me want to cycle more. I used to be shy about going out by myself, however my perception has changed since I have changed my mindset and focus. You can join clubs and take your bike to a bicycle friendly café or restaurant which is an easy way to meet like-minded people.

Digital disconnect: Staying away and staying offline. This is crucial for us to be able to embrace slow living and cycling delivers on that front too. We must ensure that technology continue to serve us and that requires regular breaks from it. Being on your bike can also help you develop bonds with existing people in your life who cycle, making the time you spend together more memorable.

Freedom: Cycling is very low maintenance and it is saving me time and money, allowing me to reach destinations safely and gives me the feeling of complete freedom which I absolutely love.

More thoughts on my bike and how to live more consciously by giving you the time off you deserve.


3 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Riding Your Bike: Sustainable Travel

  1. Hi B, wonderful content here! I agree that cycling is one of life’s little pleasures and try and cycle as much as possible. Do you have any recommendations for cycling or cycle-friendly holidays?


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