Your Ultimate Guide To Travelling The Balkans: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania

I think the Balkans is Europe’s next big thing. ๐ŸŒ

Given how underrated it is here in the United Kingdom – it is still waiting to be explored. Encourage the new, encourage the different by moving away from obvious tourist attractions. Can’t wait to come back for another visit in a few years.

I really enjoy creating cultural connections during my trips.

With our lives becoming pretty hectic, we need our trips to offer total relaxation, but it doesn’t mean you have to always travel at a slower pace excluding yourself from local activities. Southeast Europe is incredibly beautiful and thereโ€™s no place quite like the Balkans. I love the Balkans!

My roots are from Central / Eastern Europe, so this area is pretty close to my heart.

They have a rich and complex history with lots to see and experience. We have spent 10 days on the road vising multiple countries, drinking rakija, swimming in a lake near the Albanian border, reading, eating more salads a day than I can remember, sleeping by the sea, climbing hills surrounded by hundreds of olive trees, following rays underwater and eating fresh corn on the cob and homemade donuts on the beach as a post-swim snack. We have reconnected with nature and people throughout the whole journey in so many different ways.

In this article I am going to introduce you to the hidden gems of the Balkans including some slow living activities you can enjoy even during an action packed and adventurous road trip like ours was.

When to go? The best time to visit the Balkans falls roughly somewhere between May and early September. Late summer is my favourite season to go there because during peak season the coast can feel somewhat crowded. The weather is consistently hot and sunny in August which makes it more appealing to me with a bit more privacy.

Where to go during your Balkan travel? That depends on your travel interests. I’d suggest you to start from the top at Croatia driving south towards Montenegro via Bosnia and Herzegovina – finishing off in the western part near Albania. Fly and flop is not my preferred choice here – The Balkan Peninsula is amazing for country hopping and I would love you to try that. Driving in the Balkans is an experience and you can’t be shy about it because it’s not the easiest of road trips – it will certainly test your endurance.

We flew from London to Dubrovnik where we’ve picked up our rental car and drove straight to Montenegro during the night.

Let’s talk about Montenegro for a second – what a beautiful and inspiring country and nation. We have driven through the most magical places, did some snorkelling and climbed some more steps. This country is extremely underrated here in the UK – hence why we like it so much.

Budva: Arriving to Budva is like stepping into a small fairytale. We were extremely lucky with our apartment and the views which we have picked from (Villa Mona) – We have Level 2 Genius discount with them which is the top level comes with a whooping 15% discount. The Genius benefits only apply if the hotel includes them in the rooms they offer on You can also try Airbnb. This medieval town has Montenegro’s loveliest sandy beaches (Our favourites: Mogren Beach, Jaz Beach, Kamenovo Beach, Przno, and Old Town Beach) and the nightlife is pretty good too.

Choosing a sea view apartment considerably far from the city centre was intentional for me. You can enjoy some quiet time and practice yoga on a terrace overlooking the sea at sunrise or sunset.

Sveti Stefan: This place is effortless but graceful even from afar. Sveti Stefan is a preserved fortified island village from the 15th century with amazing swimming opportunities and forest walks nearby. 

I also loved picking up some fresh plums supporting the local markets – it reminded my me grandmother’s garden when I was young. These plums are very popular in Eastern Europe and I was eating them from the tree.

Kotor Old Town: Kotor is a photographer’s dream. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site situated in southern Europe’s only fjord with lots of steps, coffee shops and hidden lanes. You can earn this view by climbing the city walls knowing you have found the perfect spot for the most magical sunset. Who doesn’t love sunsets on the top of a hill or a mountain.

Our Lady of the Rocks: An artificial island with a church and chapel off the coast of Perast, I’d recommend you to get on a boat and stop by for half an hour if you can to take some great photos and enjoy the 360 views on the smallest island you can imagine.

Lovcen National Park: Driving up to the national park from Kotor is quite magical – it is definitely taking you away from the buzz of the cities and beaches for a few hours. We were in awe from the views.

Blue Cave Adventure on a speedboat: Except walking tours, we are not a big fan of planned tours in general. But this one is worth paying for. It is not only helping the locals to keep their business going, but it is also well-planned. They are providing you exclusive access to a speedboat, showing you around the Bay of Kotor, Mamula, Our Lady of the Rocks taking you all the way to the ex-submarine military base with a 30 minute open water swimming experience in the Blue Cave. What’s not to like?

It was great fun to share our journey to the Blue Cave with others.

Njegos’s Mausoleum: This mausoleum sits at the second-highest peak of Mt Lovcen (1657 m) in the southwestern region of Montenegro. From the top you can see Albania and take some eye-catching photos after a bit of hike and look around. You can either join an organised tour in the city (Budva & Kotor) or drive there yourself.

Perast: Tiny idyllic village hidden and locked away on the Bay of Kotor. You can stop by for a lunch and a quick sunbathe before heading to the Blue Cave.

Lake Skadar – Albania: We werenโ€™t able to drive and enter Albania with our Croatian rental car due to the local travel restrictions, but weโ€™ve managed to get on a boat and swim in Lake Skadar which lies on the border of Albania. We had the best time jumping from these small boats whilst enjoying some local food and drinks ending the day with an hour sunbathe on the boat’s rooftop.

Our views from the boat’s rooftop were insane and I am so grateful how we soaked up every bit of sun barely looking at our phones.

Snorkelling: We had so much fun snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of Montenegro with rays and small fishes cruising around underneath us. Some areas are perfect for SCUBA certified divers and snorkelers too. This is a must-do, so I’d suggest you to pack some goggles or a diving gear. Montenegro has it all, have I convinced you yet?

Snorkelling always reminds me of our beautiful underwater wildlife and how important it is to protect it as much as we can – our daily activities and habits have an awful lot of impact on our oceans.

Dubrovnik: We’ve spent a day in Dubrovnik and enjoyed the sunset from a cabel car with breathtaking views of the Old Town and Elaphiti Islands.


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