Home Facial: How To Use Gua Sha

If you are embracing slow living then you must achieve and incorporate a certain level of self care by removing noise from your life and treating yourself. A couple of months ago I went to a place called FACEGYM in London where they kick-started some serious lymphatic drainage workout on my face and it felt magical giving me pretty much a non-invasive facelift.

Face rollers are having a moment right now (for a reason) hence why I’m sharing this article with you to encourage you to try them and create your own home spa experience without leaving the house.

Since my FACEGYM experience and consultation, I am conscious of not only buying the right products but also continuing to stimulate my facial muscles using facial massage therapy at home.

I’ve decided to treat myself and bought a calming rose quartz Gua Sha quite a while ago.

As I was in the discovery phase at the start – I’ve tried using it on multiple areas in multiple ways. Once I got into the habit of using it I couldn’t stay away from it for long.

Lumene Nordic Hydra Arctic Spring Water Face Mist 100ml (£17.90) & Nordic Hydra Purity Dew Drops 15ml (£14.90) – vegan & cruelty free

This 30 minutes Gua Sha therapy for me is a little treat and escape at the end of the day when I need a bit more than just taking my make up off, putting my hair up and changing into comfortable clothes.

Gua Sha is associated with traditional Chinese medicine and healing technique where you gently press the massage tool along the skin of your face (or body) to stimulate your lymphatic system, release tension, increase blood circulation and contour your face whilst tapping right onto your acupressure points.

I would recommend using Gua Sha after both cleansing and moisturizing your face given its ability to increase product absorption.

The Ritual of Karma Shimmering Body Oil (£19.50)

This little thing works absolute wonders on my face even after 15 minutes by almost re-structuring my facial shape.

With this simple but rigorous technique you can create a happier skincare routine for yourself at home by calming yourself down whilst contouring that jaw. Relaxation also increases blood flow to the muscles providing you more energy and better metabolism which is inevitable for a healthy life.

I am going to share my tips on how I use my Gua Sha as there is a lot going on around this topic on the internet. I’ve struggled to find simple instructions at the start so let’s hope this will make it easier for you.

The Technique:

  1. Prep: Pick the shape and tool which works for you whether it’s rounded or not. Each Gua Sha tool is known to have different healing properties but can be used the same way when it comes to the massage.. or your face.
  2. Start: Place the flat side of the stone (at first, it’s a little painful) and stroke it upward along your face, jawline or neck. Make sure to always use this in one outward or upward movement!
  3. Motion: Press the stone lightly to avoid bruising by gliding it over a natural facial oil if necessary
  4. Tips: Massage the bridge of the nose with the top by gliding the stone upward
  5. Tips: Stroke from the inner centre of your eyebrows up to your hairline
  6. Tricks: For an added cooling effect, they can also be kept in the fridge
  7. Tips: For soothing and calming – place your Gua Sha on your eyelids reduce puffiness and tiredness

Enjoy your freshly glowing skin 🙂


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