My slow living trip to Iceland

Me and my beautiful friends have hit the road and spent some time in Iceland. If you are always time-poor – living in a city that never sleeps: A slow living trip to Iceland is what you need. This was my chance to reconnect with people, nature and the wildlife. We’ve seen more than we remember. Planning a trip to Iceland can be tricky as it’s such a unique place to travel to, but it’s worth the prep. Iceland’s winter from late November to March is the quietest and also the cheapest time of year to visit – if you are on a lower budget.

I highly recommend visiting for at least a week — this is enough time to make most out of it and see some of the highlights like the Golden Circle & The Blue Lagoon. Anything less would be a bit too short.

If you want to drive around the entire ring road (Þjóðvegur 1 – 800 miles) then I’d recommend at least 2 weeks.

We rented a Jeep in Reykjavik and drove way past the Golden Circle in November with a few side trips including The Solheimasandur Iceland plane crash iconic spot and the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. We’ve had VERY tough weather conditions (— it’s not necessarily the cold, but the wind —) during our trip but when you see the massive icebergs floating in the lagoon with whales and seals – you know it was worth it.

It was an incredible adventure with my favourite people 🌍

If you are interested in my self-drive itinerary and travel guide – let me know.


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