My beautiful Sweden: Stockholm & Stockholms skärgård

Sweden is very close to my heart and I will never run out of compliments when it comes to this country.

Not only because of all the buzzwords around their culture which they are now globally well known for, but for everything else I have picked up and experienced during my time there including the food culture & their beautiful language. I love love love Scandinavia ever since I was young. I mean, I’m still young – but since I was much younger.

Combining function, interior design, aesthetics & being in the great outdoors.

I speak both Swedish (slightly better) and Norwegian and my life is heavily influenced by Scandinavia. I was actively studying both during my late high school & university studies. I adore how they aim for a zero waste society, how they respect privacy, the work life balance they have, their fashion sense (ACNE STUDIOS🧣), being clutter free, the quality materials and products they produce, the comfort food they cook, the sayings they use and that they live close to nature.

Living closer to nature is a way to seclude yourself. This country has taught and inspired me over the years in so many ways – My habits, look and everyday life are strongly influenced by them and this will always be the case I suppose.

The below pictures are from our latest trip from a couple of months ago: needless to say it was dreamy – filled with fika, love & dammsugare ✨

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