My Veloretti Bicycle, Dakota

I love cycling. However my bike is certainly not for climbing hills, but to pedal past the traffic in style.

And yes, I cycle to work.

My Veloretti, Dakota is one of the most beautiful items I own. It’s also a pretty sustainable one too.

Cycling is a lifestyle which keeps you healthy and happy (and competitive, if you are on Strava) – Buying this red beaut was one of the best investments I have ever made! Veloretti bikes are handcrafted in Europe (The Netherlands, Amsterdam) and they have the perfect design with a timeless touch to it. They are elegant city bikes and definitely not lightweight. In fact they are pretty damn heavy.

This bike for me is more than just something I commute or exercise with. It is a lifestyle and using it makes me feel very special even after many months of owning it. What you get is a simple yet contemporary bicycle for a reasonable price which is perfect for commuting and strolling in the city or rushing around. This bike is pretty sturdy and not so nimble, however you must remember that it is designed for city use.

For women, you can pick from two models and they are slightly different depending on your needs and wants. They sell separate models and designs for Men and Kids including the sweetest and smallest tricycles you’ve ever seen.

They have the best retro pastel color palette to choose from (closely followed by Farrow & Ball) and they look even more immaculate upon arrival. It takes about 20 minutes to build it and the guides are fairly straightforward.

Mine is a retro (obviously) Dakota Red Caferacer (52 cm) with one speed (you can choose between 1s, 3s + handbrake) and a beautifully designed brown leather saddle which is surprisingly comfortable.

If you’d like to pick something a bit more extra they have a variety of Brooks saddles available which can be purchased from the website in different colors and styles.

You can add a porteur carrier or a front carrier in combination with a wire basket which is perfect for someone like me who likes to carry stuff whether it’s a handbag or some flowers. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me a basket is a must and it makes things easier and a lot more practical.

I’ve been gifted with this gold Veloretti bell last Christmas, which can be easily fitted on your bike and yay, you are ready to go.

Veloretti also offers you matching bells, locks and a chain locks in case you don’t have one. Speaking from experience – I just simply can’t leave this bike outside without having at least one eye on it. If you are looking for a commuter bike or just a good investment, this one is for you.

Get yours before the spring comes!


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