About Me


I’ve created @slowlivinguide as a digital space filled with topics around slow living, healthy lifestyle and travel – inspired by my own habits, love for the planet and forever admiration of the Scandinavian way of living. I am on a journey of consuming less and taking a slower approach to everyday life which my blog is about.

I’ve started my blog and online journey in April (after a lot of nagging!) so that I can document and share my lifestyle and travels with you all. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been living in the UK for almost 6 years.

The most wonderful part of blogging as a hobby is that for me there is absolutely no pressure to create posts or keep updating my blog unless there is something I genuinely want to share or write about. My goal is to inspire and uplift by sharing what helps me feel my best hoping that it will encourage others to live out their best lives too.

I value sustainability, authenticity, open-mindedness and kindness above everything else in my personal and professional life. I’m not restricting myself to niches and I’m here to connect with other people and sustainability bloggers to learn more about this topic and grow. Making friends as an adult is hard. Making friends abroad is even harder. Thanks for following me here and I hope you will enjoy my content.

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